Project – How to knit a winter scarf

by Nell Frizzell


I was taught to knit by my father. As a young man, he would sit on his commuter train, travelling to college, knitting leg-warmers and little hats for my sister and me.

I like to imagine other new fathers today – as well as mothers, single girls, grannies and grandfathers – sitting on crowded trains, pulling out skeins of wool from their bags, the click of their needles a morning accompaniment to the clickety-clack of the tracks. A scarf, by dint of just being one long line, is a fantastically easy and useful thing to knit. It also makes watching telly feel productive. So go on, give it a try.

Download the PDF Instructions from The Guardian

We’d love to see pictures of the scarves you make from Nell’s instructions – or if you are already a pro, any other scarves you’ve knitted this winter.

We want to hear the story behind it too. Who did you knit it for? What inspired you? How did you choose the colours? Did you enjoy the process of knitting – or was it a gruelling slog? What reactions have you got to your scarf? And where have you worn it?


Project – How to knit a winter scarf

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